March 27, 2016


What is SEO

To give a most precise definition about Search Engine Optimization is probably complex since different people have different perspectives about it. Yet, a reason citing that barely few Internet marketing advisors can offer their customers a detailed approach to SEO is understandable. Well, what basically comes into their mind is only to throw light upon few SEO features by providing their customers with concise information related to SEO to fill the cavity in their expertise.

At Digi Intellect, we receive many calls from desperate people who have not been helped comprehensively because they have been provided with an adjunct part of the SEO services yet they actually want relevant information about SEO. At this juncture, we are committed to help these people satisfactorily; by enabling them know what SEO is in actual. This feature what we believe will help our customers in achieving their targets.

Our Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) Services
Many unaware customers possess standard set of SEO controversies that actually need a tailored approach just to give you the desired results for the ripe success of your business. At DI, we basically tend to follow a radical progression of steps that allow our potential plans to be exposed, thereby expounding necessary reasons citing what prompted us to follow these SEO strategies, for the promotion of your company in a specific frame of time when you will view positive results.

Our Search Engine Optimization services for SE Top 10 ranking cover:

SEO Strategy: This strategy is very instrumental to give a precise evaluation of your site along with the SEO strategies profile through which your company will significantly progress and gain an extra edge over your competitors.

SEO keyword Analysis: This strategy is also truly reliable in assessing your company and offering suggestions like which keywords and phrases will come into play best for optimization, or rather; you can suggest keywords and phrases you think will work wonders to ensure improved ranking for the website.

Meta-Tags Copy writing: This strategy allows rewriting and optimizing Mega Tag Description, Title Tag, H1 Tag and Image Tags for each and every page of your website.

SEO Copy writing Suggestions: This feature enables to give a well-defined analysis of your website content as well as offer suggestions to ensure an improved optimization of the website based on the keywords and phrases you have selected. However, depending on your needs, you can hire our team of competent Web Content Writers that will write unique, attractive and search engine friendly content for your website.

Sitemap & other SEO alterations: This strategy helps in the creation or replication of your current sitemap, including Robots.txt files and No-Follow Tags etc.

Application of SEO alterations—Along with your website designers, we can launch every potential SEO suggestion or by proposing your web developers to implement the produced changes straightforwardly to your website.

Creation of a Link Building Strategy: We will expound as how to optimize the inbound and outbound links of your website in order to promote the website optimization.

Accomplishment of ongoing SEO Link Building: We believe in giving quality rather than quantity and merging link-building approach to appropriate one-way-link building for our customers.

SEO Auditing: Not only we will conduct research on the ranking of keywords and phrases in most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN but also we will focus our attention on how to generate visitors’ traffic and business sales through our SEO endeavours.

Follow-up Communication: On the overall completion of the phases in your SEO projects, we will give you a timely follow-up communication. This way you will be able to keep abreast of what we are doing for you and you will have a straightforward approach to your SEO expert.

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